We all know, as the years go by times change and so do we. In 1960, the President of the United States was John F. Kennedy. Gas was 31 cents a gallon. A  first class stamp cost a mere 4 cents. A dozen eggs cost 57 cents.  The cost of a new home was $16,000.00, and you could buy a gallon of milk for only 49 cents.  Things have certainly changed. As much as times have changed, Streets, Inc. has remained the same.  Their dedication, hard work and established, knowledgeable employees made the Streets name successful back then and that still holds true today. Although the jobs are much larger and there are triple the employees, the quality, integrity and workmanship has not changed. In fact, it has only gotten better. In 1960, brothers, Bob and Bill Streets set out to make a dream become a reality. After 6 years of working in the plumbing industry, Bill decided it was time to branch out on his own. He wanted to work for himself. He enlisted the help of brother Bob, who was currently working as a sales engineer for Boardman Steel Fabrication Company. While Bill was full steam ahead, Bob was a little more tentative. He had a steady job and was secure in his future.  e idea of starting a business from scratch was a little scary. But after three months of badgering, Bill  finally convinced Bob to come aboard and the dream that was Streets Plumbing Co., was  finally real.

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