Early in 1960 Bob and Bill began bidding on jobs, but without established credit, or reputation, jobs were hard to come by.  Then Finally, on April 18th, 1960, they won the bid for a service station in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. The brothers borrowed money from insurance policies and other reserves, and racked up nearly $5000.  They established credit with Central National Bank and U.S. Supply Co. and hit the ground running. Without a pickup truck, getting to the job was no easy task. But determined, Bob and Bill loaded up in Bob’s 1959 Rambler Station wagon and set out for Pauls Valley.  The two dug ditches and installed pipes by the headlights of the car. After the completion of the service station, and once Bob and Bill had proven themselves, more jobs began to come their way.  They even hired a couple of plumbers, an apprentice and a general laborer to help them meet the demands. As the jobs rolled in, so did new employees. Streets Plumbing Co. had really taken off.  “The fact that there are many employees who have been with the company for 30-40 years is testimony to the integrity of the company.” – Bob Streets


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