At Streets, LLC. we put safety as our number one priority.

Eric Conner Eric Conner, CSHO
Safety Director
Eric worked as a laborer for Streets in the summers throughout high school. Once he graduated Westmoore High School in 2006, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and served four years in the infantry. After enlistment, he started working as the site safety manager on the Devon tower in November 2010 through 2012, once the project was complete, he started working in the field as a plumber for 3 years. He decided to further his education in safety and have been in this role since 2015. His experience as the site safety manager on large projects such as Devon, GE global research facility, and the BOK center as well as his knowledge from working in the trade are an extremely valuable asset in finding and eliminating hazards on jobsites. Eric trains all new employees in trenching and excavation, fall protection, and confined space training. He also conducts operator training for forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts and OSHA 30 for our employees. Eric’s father Phil is currently employed at Streets. His uncle, Chris is the President and his Grandfather Bill is a founder of the company.